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Influenza Division International Program

The CDC Influenza Division International Program works with a wide range of international partners, including the World Health Organization, National Ministries of Health and others to build capacity to respond to pandemic influenza and to prevent and control seasonal influenza.

Core activities include helping establish, expand, and maintain influenza surveillance and laboratory capacity, helping develop global and local pandemic plans and influenza prevention policies, supporting targeted research projects to address critical needs, and building the evidence base for decisions on influenza vaccine program expansion. The Influenza Division and its partners are committed to reducing the threat of influenza and other emerging diseases globally.

Program Goal

To create an evidence base for influenza control and prevention globally, communicate influenza-associated risks, and decrease the global impact of influenza caused by seasonal, novel and pandemic influenza viruses.

Principal Objectives

  • Support countries to build epidemiological and laboratory surveillance capacity for influenza and increase reporting and dissemination of data.
  • Estimate disease and economic burden of influenza.
  • Determine risk groups and risk factors for influenza infection, including at the animal-human interface.
  • Provide technical support to inform policies to introduce, maintain or expand influenza vaccination programs globally.
  • Determine effectiveness of existing and novel vaccines and other methods to prevent, control, and treat influenza illness.
  • Support pandemic preparedness and respiratory infection control training.
  • As WHO Collaborating Center, provide technical assistance and support to National Influenza Centers worldwide.

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